How To Pick Your First Skateboard

Grosse Auswahl an Sportkleidung gibts  >>HIER<<

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A big thanks to Konkrete City Skateboards Skateshop and Steven Page for helping me with this! If you're in Cincy they are located at:
2109 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45230

Well I've always gotten questions about things like this so I decided to make this video. I hope it helps out some of you who are trying to get into skating. And if you're watching this for the heck of it, I hope you enjoyed the goofiness! Videos everyday so stay tuned!

39 Gedanken zu „How To Pick Your First Skateboard“

  1. Surely if you are wanting to try out skateboarding for the first time, its better to buy a cheap board thats 20$ first incase you decide that its not for you and not spend 160$ ?
    I am going to try out skateboarding and I got my first board of amazon for £20 since im in the UK and if it breaks and i get half decent at it then I might buy a slightly more expensive board with decent trucks/wheels etc, probably off the internet as skate shops dont really exist in my area

    1. i notice one of the cheap boards i brought for my kids had a 40kgs max sticker on it, being they only weigh 20-25kgs i figured they will have plenty of time before they break it. this is why most $20 boards break so easy, it is because they are only designed for kids. another slightly dearer board i got ($50) branded with tony hawk says it can handle up to 60kgs. both of them have crap bearings and such but when they get e little more confident i am going to replace the bearings with some reds, then slowly upgrade them to a pro board, if they keep the sport up.

    2. Minekidgamer yeah thing is since I live in the Uk skateboarding isnt very big with young people let among people like me in their mid 20s
      2. I have very few friends
      3.None of my friends skateboard

      I bought a cheap skateboard, it was fine for what I paid
      I have replaced the wheels and the Bearings and will replace the trucks since the ones that came with it are too small for my wheels.
      Even with the upgrades its still cheaper than buying all the parts mentioned in one go
      Board/Grip/Trucks/Wheels/BearingsHardware total over 100 quid
      my total is alot less at 72 quid

    3. Poisonmon cool! I started out with a cheap skateboard too but it broke way too quickly (like after a week) so I looked at my local skate shops and one of them gave the bearings, the hardware and the grip tape for free so I spent way less for a good quality skateboard (the shop was called Route One in case you were wondering) 🙂

    4. As stated in a previous comment Skate Shops dont exist in the UK or at least anywhere near me, I am going to try to ride my cheap deck with all the other stuff first and if i enjoy skateboarding and can do a few tricks and think its worth investin g in a proper deck then I will but U till I try out my cheap board with the new trucks/wheels etc I wont know whether skating is for me

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