Remove Forgotten PASSCODE / PASSWORD Unlock For ALL Android Devices- Smartphones & Tablets

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You have forgotten your passcode / password to get into your Android phone. Well at this time the only way to bypass this is by doing a hard reset. However take note that you will lose all your data. After you are done with this hard reset your phone will be just like it was out of the box.

Note that I am using an Galaxy S3 here and different Android phones my have a slightly different combinations to access the system recovery (hard reset / factory reset).
How to reset Samsung Galaxy S3 password if its lost / forgotten

For the S3 you need to shut off your phone, then once it is off you need to hold down three keys- Up volume, home key, & power button until you see some text or the android guy then let go.

Again, some Android devices use a different combination. For instances some phone/tablets you will have to hold down at the same time the up & down volume key plus the power button, etc..

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  1. Why doesn’t work on my LENOVO A706. cause I forgot the pattern and I try to format and it says “Done”, when I open it, doesn’t format it, Guys can anyone help me😓😓😖😭

  2. I don’t know what happened I wake up and my phone is rejecting my pass for some reason so now if i I try it again it’s going to do the factory mode thing

    1. Dark florezz same thing i restarted my note 5 nd it says unlock with password fingerprint not accepted nd i dont remember the password now…

  3. I personally used the website *Unlockservice. me* to un lock my son’s smartphone.
    At first, I didn’t want to try it, but my friend told me it doesnt cost anything so I got nothing to lose.
    I tried this and after a few hours a code was sent to my email address. I was so happy and grateful.
    I’m not spamming, trying to help you out.

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