Pimp My SCHUH Challenge – DIY or DI-Don’t mit Holy Chic

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Lisa und Esther von Holy Chic machen wieder eine DIY Challenge – ihr habt entschieden, dass LISA die letzte Runde gewonnen hat – doch dieses Mal geht es darum, wer die schöneren Schuhe zaubern kann! Ihr entscheidet – in der Kommentarbox!


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How to Clean Your UGG Boots | schuh

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Ever wondered what you can do to restore your worn UGG boots to their former glory? Introducing the UGG Care Kit guide by schuh! In a few simple steps we show you how to turn your suedes from sad to sparkling. Shop the kit and check out our full UGG collection here:

How To Clean Your UGG Sheepskin Boots

What You'll Need:
– Dirty Uggs
– Bowl of Water
– Tissue or Newspaper
– UGG Care Kit
– Sponge

STEP 1: Cleaner
– Stuff Your UGGs to keep the shape.
– Use the UGG cleaner brush to remove any localised stains, alternating the two sides of the brush.
– Before applying the care products, gently brush the boots to remove any surface dirt.
– Using the sponge, wet the boot lightly with clean water.
– Dilute some UGG Cleaner and Conditioner into the clean water. Do not use cleaner directly on the boots.
– Using the sponge, apply the mixture to the boot. Continue until the whole surface is covered.
– Repeat for the 2nd boot and leave to dry overnight.
– The suede will feel stiff – don't worry! Use the UGG brush to gently soften.

STEP 2: Protector
– Hold the UGG Protector about 20cm away. Spray all over, until lightly damp.
– Repeat for the 2nd boot. Leave to fully dry.

STEP 3: Freshener
– Fold the boot all the way down. Spray the freshener inside lightly as you unroll.

12 Days of Christmas | schuh

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What says Merry Christmas better than the gorgeous gift of schuh shoes? Oh yes, shoes AND a jaunty carol to sing along to! We have so many festive treats for you we couldn't even list them all, so head over to to get your Christmas list sorted right now!


On the 12 Days of Christmas
My schuh love sent to me…
12 Runners Running
11 Hikers Hiking
10 Boarders Leaping
9 Ladies Dancing
8 Mels a Melting
7 Cons a Swimming
6 Geezers Lacing
5 Gola Sprints
4 Coloured Birds
3 French Hens
2 Sheepskin Gloves
And a Thomas Partridge in a pear tree

This Party Season | schuh

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Hello, party season! Time to find that perfect outfit and get ready to boss it on the dance floor! Whip out your best moves, and remember to give it all you've got. As for those killer heels, we've got you covered!

Weinflasche Mit Schuh Öffnen Ohne Korkenzieher Lifehack

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Emrah: Eine Weinflasche kann man auch ohne Korkenzieher öffnen und zwar mit einem Schuh, falls ihr mal keinen Korkenzieher da habt
www.facebook.com/EmrahYT www.instagram.com/emmmmrah busniessmail emrah_tekin@web.de


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Danke fürs zuschauen & abonnieren nicht vergessen ♡
DAUMEN HOCH für einen SHOPPING HAUL mit meiner Schwester !

Für mehr Kontakt:


Bis zum nächsten mal ♡

How to Clean Suede Shoes | schuh

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Suede is a delicate material which needs a lot of special care. If you're unsure of how to clean your shoes, our step by step guide is here to help. We'll show you how to get your suede super smooth and fresh in no time! Check out our full shoe care range at:

How To Clean Suede Shoes:

Step 1: Remove the laces. Machine wash in a delicates bag.
Step 2: Remove dirt using the bristle brush. Bursh carefully to loosen dirt on the shoe.
Step 3: Treat scuffs using the suede eraser. Rub the eraser on deep scuffs or stains. Some brushes have erasers as well.
Step 4: Clean the suede. Shake the cleaner well. Spray the shoe from 15 – 20cm away. Scrub gently using the sponge.Wipe the excess foam.
Step 5: Stuff to dry. Stuffing helps keep the shape. Wait until fully dry.
Step 6: Brush the suede. Brushing restores the softness.
Step 7: Protect the suede. Shake the protector well. Spray the shoe from 15-20cm away. Wait until fully dry. Pop back in the laces.

How do you pronounce schuh?

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Ever wondered how to pronounce schuh? Don't worry, you're not alone! We've been a familiar face on the high street for over 30 years, but our name still raises a few eyebrows. And just to set the record straight… Yes – it's the German word for shoe, but no, we're not German!

Keds feat. Allison Williams | schuh

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Presenting the Keds "Ladies First since 1916" campaign, starring Girls favourite Allison Williams! We are loving the girl power message, and the classic heritage plimsolls are a summer essential! Grab a pair here:

Meine Sneaker | Shirin David

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Aufgrund sehr hoher Nachfrage gibt es endlich das lang ersehnte Sneaker Video. Wie euch vielleicht auf meinen sozialen Netzwerken aufgefallen sein könnte, bin ich komplett Schuhsüchtig :'D Ich hoffe, dass es euch gefällt und vielleicht konnte ich den einen oder den anderen zu einem neuen Schuh inspirieren 🙂

Jason Markk Schuhcleanser:

Adidas Superstar "Supercolor Shift Olive Khaki" 99€

Adidas Superstar "Red Snake" 99€

Nike Air Huarache "OG Royal Pink Blue" 135€
Nike Air Huarache Run Premium "Hot Lava" 119€

Nike Air Force Mid "Royal Blue" 99€
Nike Air Force "Sunset Glow" 99€

Jordan Future 119€
Nike Blazer 99€

Air Jordan 13 "He got game" 119€
Air Jordan 11 "Colombia" 119€

Patrick Mohr K1X 175€
Patrick Mohr K1X 175€

Timberland 160€









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